I’m finally getting around to sifting through my photos from Chicago. What a great trip and what a great city, I can’t believe that I have never been and it took my so long to get there. I guess I needed a reason, and that reason was the Out Of Chicago Photography Conference.

The conference was a great opportunity to meet fellow photographers that have the same passion as I do. The conference started Friday night and went through Sunday and during that time I went on a lot of photo walks as well as attending talks. The talks I signed up for were all street photography focused.

The days I wasn’t attending the conference I spent wondering the city taking photos. I was able to grab some shots for my Character of the Day Project that I titled “Chicago Edition”. Chicago is a great walking city, and when you get tired of walking and you need to get to another part of the city, the public transportation is great. I was able to visit many parts of the city during my short stay, but most of the time was spent in the Loop and around our hotel in the River North area.

I’m trying to visit as many cities in the US as possible, but an overseas trip is well overdue. I have a Boston trip coming up in August that I will write about when that happens. Chicago is now on my radar and I will most definitely be back.