I’m getting prints and bios prepared for a couple of upcoming exhibits in the Bay Area. I have been slow to update my blog recently because of my busy schedule. I am currently taking a Documentary/ News Photography class with Ken Light at San Francisco City College. We have one assignment to work on during the semester and I am working on my “Alternative Healers” project, and more specifically for this class, the practice of Jin Shin Jyutsu. I’ll have more about that project in an upcoming post.

I had a photo entered into a recent group photo exhibition that just wrapped up at the Harvey Milk Photo Center titled “Best Photo”. I submitted one of my photos and had to write a short description on why I chose that photo. This is the photo I entered into the exhibition:


I have two group photo exhibits upcoming and the opening receptions will be on the same night, April 13, 2018, go figure. I guess that’s a good problem to have. The first one is called “Surrounded By Reality” at the Harvey Milk Photo Center and is the second annual exhibition of San Francisco Street Photography and the exhibition opening will be 5:30-8:00pm at the Harvey Milk Photo Center. I submitted a few photographs and I’m not sure which one they chose to be displayed. The second show will be at the Frank Bette Center in Alameda and this is for the annual “Alameda On Camera” exhibit and the opening is 7:00-9:00pm. This is my third year participating in this event where 48 photographers are given one of 48 sections of Alameda and have 48 hours to make a picture. This year I had the most challenging section out of my three years, but I feel that I made the best image from the AOC contest: