Back To New Orleans

I’m preparing for my trip to New Orleans at the end of April. It’s been almost three years since the last time I visited one of my favorite cities and I’m excited to return. When I went the last time I was just starting out with street photography and it was also when I started my photography Instagram account. Here I’m showing my favorite photos from the last trip three years ago.

That trip was centered around food for my Preppings website and was more focused on taking food pictures and gathering content for the website. This time around it’s all about street and cityscape photography with the goal of making one photo to create a piece of artwork to print and frame similar to the photo below of Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop. There will be a lot of eating and events centered around food, but that won’t be the main focus and there will be very little, if any food photography.

Be on the lookout for some upcoming posts where I will write about my pack list because I am going to mix it up a bit and attempt to pack ultra-light with less gear and less clothes, more on that soon.