Half Way Point Of 365 Character Project

I made it to the half way point of my 365 Character of the Day project where I post a photo everyday on social media. The project has me taking a street photo where the main subject stands out, but the environment and other subjects can be supporting cast members. The photo can be in color or black and white and it is cropped into a square format and posted to my Flickr, Facebook Page, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

I haven’t done anything like this before so I didn’t know what to expect when I started the project. My main objective was to have something to post everyday and to get behind the computer to process my photos. That part of the plan has worked. It has gotten me out shooting more and going through my photos in a timely manner.

The downsides to this project is that I have to post a photo everyday, even if it isn’t a great photo. Also, I don’t get to let the pictures marinate, and taking the time to see if it is really the best capture or if I could crop it in a better place. And lastly, I find myself taking photos on the street and only looking for a character rather then capturing a picture of the whole scene. It limits me from “seeing” different scenes and limits my vision.

I will continue shooting and posting and complete my project through the end of the year, I’m stubborn like that. I will also go out on the streets with the intention of expanding my vision and “seeing” characters AND great street scenes.