Women’s March, 2018

I photographed the Women’s March again this year in Oakland, CA. The turn out was less then it was in 2017 and the women had a strong message to put more women in the White House. The signs were again a huge part of the march so they make up the majority of the photos.

I shot the event with two cameras, the X100F with the fixed 23mm (35mm equivalent) lens and the X-Pro2 with the 14mm (21mm equivalent) f/2.8 lens. I have been going out more with this wide angle lens and I have enjoyed the different angle of view. It works great in an environment like a march because I am so close to the action and I want to get as much into the frame as possible.

This was a very peaceful march with no conflict. The liberal Bay Area is very supportive of this movement and it is great to see women getting their message out there. Children and families were a big part of the turn out for the march and these photos always have a big impact.

Hopefully this movement continues to have legs and we will eventually have more women in the White House, especially as commander in chief.